Doseform is increasing access to COVID-19 vaccinations

Doseform's software powers pharmacy vaccination clinics through paperless registration, consent, eligibility, and real-time data reporting.

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Doseform is powering pharmacy COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Paperless registration & consent

A fully digital process enables you to perform vaccine registration, screening, and consent online in minutes.

Real-time eligibility & benefits

Request insurance eligibility and submit vaccine claims to the appropriate medical or pharmacy benefit plan.

Vaccine administration reporting

Document your vaccination, and we'll report your administration data in real-time to state and federal agencies.

Solutions & Benefits

Improve access to critical populations

Improve vaccine access to hard to reach patient populations.

SMS/Email reminder

Send automated vaccine appointment reminders to patients via SMS or Email.

PCP notifications

Notify the patient's primary care provider about encounters via Direct Message or fax.

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